Los Angeles Art Show and More

Last weekend I went to the Los Angeles Art Show and it was …. It was…. well, …not as fantastic as I’d hoped, but it was still okay and I saw a few memorable things. I am now fascinated with a painter named Armando Romero who I saw at Tasende Gallery. I was seriously impressed with his work and have been reading about him online ever since. I have not stopped dropping my jaw at his life’s work. He’s going right up there with Amy Sillman for me.

Speaking of which, I saw a very good abstract painter named Sarah Stolar at The Bohemian Gallery from Kansas who I liked very much too. Her work was bold and brave, large and it drew me in instantly. I loved her painterly strokes and colors. It inspires me not to be so flat. The people at the booth were also very nice (a little bit rare, but not for the Mid West).

MJP seemed to really take towards a painter named Aron Wiesenfeld at Arcadia Gallery in New York. I liked him very much too. He had his own style for sure, and there was something beautifully eerie about his pictures that made them strangely special.  Excellent painting.

My gallery, George Billis, had a great booth this time around. It was well put together with some of their best work, and they changed it out each day. I saw it on the first day and the last. I wish my work was front and center when I came back on the last day, but apparently I had my time in between.

My favorite booth hands down was Rebecca Hossack’s space from London. I’m in love with artists Peter Clark, Ross Bonfanti, and Balint Zsako.

Now that I type all this stuff down, I realize that it was a better fair than I gave credit to in the first place. Perhaps I spoke too soon.

In other news… “Tzit Tzit” opened at the Saint Vincent Gallery yesterday.

TZIT TZIT: Fiber Art and Jewish Identity” is the full title for this small group exhibit that is showing at Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania. It is curated by Ben Schachter, and here is an article about the show.  And another in the Jewish Chronicle here.  There’s even a little YouTube piece here.  The exhibition runs until February 21st.

I’ve been thinking about applying to the MacDowell Colony in April for a residency in the fall. I had this killer dream recently where I went away for a few weeks and all I did was draw and I am fixin’ to make that shit come true.

That’s all for now. Ta!

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles Art Show and More

  1. Bleubeard and Elizabeth February 2, 2010 / 12:50 am

    I am a mixed media artist who stumbled onto your blog yesterday. Your paintings are very colorful and different. I feature a blog each day on my blog and today (Feb 2) I’m featuring yours.

  2. elaine February 2, 2010 / 10:51 am

    go get your appy on my sista! sending you great vibes. i find too, that many events are not “greater than the sum of the parts” as we would hope and expect they should be. but that’s how collective energy works — its nice when you can hit super high energy parts to make an entire event not a waste of your time and support the higher octave of the event so perhaps next year, the collection will be a higher representation of all the parts. thanks for the links to the artists, much appreciated!!!!

  3. Kathy Hodge February 5, 2010 / 7:17 am

    Thanks for the links, all are good, and I especially like Aron Wiesenfeld’s work. It’s great to discover new artists.

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