What’s new in the rain?

It’s been raining like small forest creatures here. Not that we don’t need it. It makes everything green and pretty and stops me from moving to Portland. But being an LA native, I am very cold-sensitive and my old bones can’t take the chill all too well. I need a knitted afghan on my knees like an old lady, which makes me want to complain in my rocking chair and tell stories about what it was like before the war.

I had a productive weekend nonetheless. fellow blogger Anna Conti came down from San Francisco with 3 of her friends and came to me studio for a visit on Saturday. I was honored to be one of their many art stops along their weekend venture. They were all so nice and gracious, they would not even except any of the Hanson’s sodas I offered. I wound up over chatting a bit (I tend to do that when I feel nervous — overcompensating for fear of being too shy and quiet).  I probably just came off “normal” for all I know, but through it all I really enjoyed their visit very much. Luckily, Saturday was a nice day without rain, so I’m sure they were able to see a lot. They are getting jacked on their way back home today with this storm, but being from SF, I’m sure they are well used to it.

Here’s a pic of Anna and her friends in my studio on Saturday:

I also created a new page on my site with some pictures of my studio. You can only get to this page through THIS LINK until I incorporate somewhere else on my site somehow.

In other news, I’ve been working on this new painting of gumball machines. It’s 40 x 60 inches in size, and it’s coming together slowly, but surely:

I finally finished this one about a week ago, but I just now posted it on my site:

“I Waited For You,” 2010. Oil, paper, pencil and embroidery on canvas. 36×36 inches (detail).

When Anna came to visit, I was just telling her about how I was waiting to hear back from the Women’s Studio Workshop on my proposal for a book residency I had applied for. Low and behold my answer was waiting for me when I got home on Saturday. I did not get it. There were 80 applicants and only 2 slots. I know the competition was steep, and maybe a long shot, but I really thought my proposal was strong and I guess my hopes were a little too high because I was seriously bummed when I got the news. The day before, the results for the West Prize came through and I did not get that either, but I was not expecting to win that one at all, so I was not surprised or sad about that one. The winners are posted and they are all very compelling and I can see why I probably wasn’t even in the running.

Just as sad is that Art Clokey died recently. I don’t know what I can say about him that isn’t out there since he’s passed away, but he was a major inspiration for me and will be missed and honored in my heart forever.

If you’ve got a heart, then Gumby’s a part of you.

2 thoughts on “What’s new in the rain?

  1. elaine January 18, 2010 / 6:56 pm

    you so inspire me by everything you go after … get it or not, you are always putting yourself out there and sharing a most beautiful you with the world!

    p.s. what is the name of the piece in the picture with the black “balls” or “bubbles” or whatever they are … top picture, right hand side on the back wall????? LOVE IT!!!!!

    p.s.s. when is your next show?

  2. Robin January 19, 2010 / 12:29 am

    the new work looks so strong, even moreso in the studio setting. as the other comment said, the ‘black balls’ painting (which you once seemed a bit insecure about) looks great. it’s a drag when proposals etc get rejected but more will always appear and it says a lot about your confidence and determination that you keep putting it out there. i always feel better having read your blog….

    oh, i have fond memories of gumby too…

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