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I should announce that I have a little interview feature in VoyageLA Magazine called, Conversations with Ayin Es. Please have a looksy.

And interestingly enough, Hannah opened the local paper last week to find a pretty cool article about my upcoming show this Saturday in full-color (PDF)!

I’m actually in two shows; one in Joshua Tree and one in San Marcos. The one in San Marcos is a group show called High Desert Carnival at SIP Art Space curated by artist, Anna Stump. It’s all artists from this area, and it looks pretty fun, exciting, diverse, funky, visionary, and special. I wish I could attend the opening, but it’s a couple of hours away and it’s on the same night as my 2-person show here in Joshua Tree.

The 2-person show is with Maurice Laflamme, curated by Zara Kand, and titled Psychoactive Summer. It’s at the infamous Art Queen Gallery and opens during the Art Walk on Saturday (this Saturday), July 9th, 6-9 p.m. I’ll be attending that one, staying up past my bedtime of 7:30 p.m. Really. That’s what time I usually go to sleep!

I’m showing older works at this latter show. It’s interesting—the ones that Zara picked out to display. I think there are about eight pieces, as the space is pretty small. The walls of the gallery are really kooky. They are covered in a kind of stainless steel sheeting—almost mirror-like. It’s a bit like being in a fun house.

I have not yet seen Maurice’s work in person, but I’m pretty sure the pieces are large. Our work is extremely different. In fact, I was taken aback that I was paired with him at all. I saw a little video of the installation, but I couldn’t really tell how it all looks together yet, but I’m sure it will be fine and dandy.

I’m excited to see a few other artists that are showing at some nearby galleries. My friend Ted Meyer is showing right next door at La Matadora, a really good gallery that faces the highway. Art Queen is in the back, by the way.

I also want to see the group show (Third Annual Summer Spectacular) over at Hey There Projects. They always have excellent exhibits there and they recently expanded their space. It looks pretty damn slick. They’re showing a few artists I love, like Teresa Watson, Melissa Lakey, Mark Todd, and more.

It will be a nice Saturday evening.

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