New Carol Es Artist Website is Here

My new artist website is up and running!

Carol Es' New Artist Website is Here!

Finally after weeks upon weeks of working on the new art site, it’s finally re-launched. It’s all new and improved for Generation Whatever. I hope you’ll take the time to visit (for a long period of time) and notice how all the pages are laid out with much simpler navigation and new sections that feature my various paintings and projects.

It’s the artist’s website to trump all other artists websites! (I mean, that was what I was shooting for anyway.)

There were moments of going through each section of my work when I felt strange, like, what was I thinking when I made those?! But then I’d bounce right back and realize that it didn’t matter if I still have doubts about my work from the past, I still feel a sense of accomplishment. There’s a lot of work on the site. That means, I have completed a lot of work. I’ve even amazed myself a little. Ha!

I couldn’t have created this site without the help of loverboy, mjp. I learned so much this time around because I really did not know all that much about Twitter Bootstrap before, which is a lot of the framework that the site is built upon.

I should mention that the site was not built with any programs, so don’t ask me what “program” I used. The site is completely hand crafted/coded from scratch in php and css with little bits of javascript (hardly any), on top of a basic Bootstrap framework and a MySQL database. Except for my blog. My blog is WordPress, as you can see.

So, I would like to know what YOU think! What do you think of this new artist’s website anyway? I must know. Please, please post your comments here on the blog so I can know what you think!

Also, in other news, now that I have finished this piece for the Jerusalem Biennial:

Carol Es' New Artist Website is Here!

She Carries Me Home, 2015. Mixed Media collage on paper grocery bags, 44 x 53.5 inches.

I can finally get back to this watercolor I started so long ago now:

Carol Es' New Artist Website is Here!

which is of Jerusalem and will most likely be going into one of the venues for the JAI Beinnial2015 in Los Angeles somewhere that runs concurrently with the one in Jerusalem. JAI is the organization that is taking me to the Jerusalem Biennial and the venue there is part of the entire show called 7,567 Mi–> the exact distance between Los Angeles and Jerusalem. In fact, I want to finish up this watercolor and do another one of the Hollywood sign to go next to it.

The whole show is co-curated by Anne Hromadka and Georgia Freedman-Harvey. I have worked with both of them before, and Anne curated Exodus. 

Speaking of Exodus, I have a few extra catalogs and would be willing to send some out if you’d be willing to pay Priority shipping – but you’d have to comment on the blog. (Yes, this is a bribe to comment on my blog. I figured I still won’t get too many comments even if I offer that.)

Some of you may have been waiting for me, for us, to have released that lower resolution version of Up to Now on YouTube by now. Sorry about the wait on that, but I promise it will come soon. Eventually anyway. It won’t be anything like the crystal clear HD version that’s now available in limited edition, especially because we are going to frame it inside of the old television, but it will at least be watchable. Please consider purchasing a limited edition copy, now available on my website.

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