She Dreamed She Remembered

She Dreamed She Remembered

That is the title of my upcoming show this fall at George Billis. It only took me a month to decide on a title for the show. It was driving me absolutely batty because the titles of things are so important to me. I feel like the show title has to really wrap up the basic meaning of the show, taking all of the pieces into account. I consider it the main answer to “What does this all mean?” When I am asked that, I can refer the person to the title and not have to do as much explaining in person. The title also gives a basis in which to write a press release, and just gives a life to all my focus. I mean, I could have just called it “A Year of Sore Feet and an Aching Back!” which also explains a lot.

I’m working on 2 different series for this show, the new series and an extension to the Black Hole pieces. All throughout I am drawing on lucid dreams and genetic memory. The new stuff is a combination of family inheritance, Ancestry, cellular memory, medication, Hebrew, and evolution. Many of the pieces contain what looks to be self-portraits, but most of them are what I like to call the Moppet Girl. That’s not a misspelling of Muppet, but it’s great that they sound alike because she is somewhat of a Muppet as well. She’s based on me, yes, but it’s more about how I can see myself as a separate character: an idea of what I could be. It is a fantasy of self-loathing, being able to laugh at oneself, inner voices, emotions, and embellished narratives.

This green painting is taking longer than one would think. I am only able to work on it a couple hours a day because I’ve been swamped with outside appointments and various distractions that working at home can bring. It seems I got a lot done there for a while, then things are slowing. I have a deadline for myself to complete this piece before July 2nd, which is slightly possible, but not really. I get to be with it all day tomorrow, so maybe I can get most of the painting done. It’s a bit more than half painted as it is. But it won’t be dry enough to start the sewing and embroidery by Monday, so I’ll shoot for next Thursday.

Sunday I am going to be at Self Help Graphics for the Print Fair and the Atelier Maestras V show. I hope some of you can come by, it’s going to be fantabulous! It’s from noon til 5pm. There is going to be a little after party at Yolanda’s studio. Email me if you’re interested in coming. Atelier #50 Maestras V, curated By Yolanda Gonzalez includes the following Artists:

Judy Baca
Barbara Carrasco
Magda DeJose
Carol Es
Emilia Garcia
Yolanda Gonzalez
Aydee Lopez
Poli Marical
Gina Stepaniuk
Linda Vallejo

Master Printer Jose Alpuche and Assistant to the printer Ivan Alpuche will be doing mono print demonstrations. Atelier #48 Series Landscapes Curated by Omar Ramirez will also be showing, and includes Brandy Flowers, Jose Ramirez, Omar Ramirez, ,Frank Romero, and Vincent Valdez. I have one of Vincent Valdez’s prints of Chavez Revine and it is one of the most amazing prints I’ve ever seen.

Atelier #49 “Homombre L.A.” curated by Miguel Angel Reyes, will also be there. Artists: Alex Alferov, Alex Donis, Ruben Esparza, Jeff Huereque, Rigo Maldonado, Luciano Martinez, Miguel Angel Reyes, Hector Silva, Paul Sweeney, and Joey Terrill. And a limited number of all the suites (same Number prints) will be available, including mine. Come see, come see, come hither!

2 thoughts on “She Dreamed She Remembered

  1. YaYa June 30, 2008 / 2:24 pm

    exciting piece, Carol! can’t wait to see the embroidery. wish I can be as persistant as you are. It will be a fantastic show I bet~

  2. 007 August 1, 2008 / 11:43 am

    drips!now there’s a new twist to painting!

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