Slowly but Surely

I think I’m getting better slowly but surely. I just have to wait it out is all. I’m no spring chicken!

I’m finally at the two-week mark, post-surgery. I will be clear to take a full, normal shower in another week and get back to walking–not to the extent I’m used to, but I can meander up and down the street a bit. I’ll need it too. I have been off my diet for the last couple of weeks, sans the first few days when I couldn’t eat anything.

I’m missing art, big time. I’ve been drawing, somewhat. Nothing fancy. I worked out another painting for when I get better. So, now I have six pieces waiting for me. I’ve also worked a little in my eye-book. I thought more would come of that, but I think it’s a bust because of all the pressure I put on myself to make “great” work. I also haven’t really given myself the time and space to make something of any worth.

It’s really about commitment, and I’ve been lazy. Not lazy, recuperating. So I’m pretty well fatigued. I haven’t sat down at a table with the sketchbook and concentrated. I’ve been holding it in my lap and doing it half-assed.

Then, when I sit at my desk at the computer, it hasn’t been nearby, so I’ve been drawing on scrap paper. I even used the back of a check yesterday. See? Half-assed.

My ideas are blankety-blank too. I am probably too drugged out. I’ve been taking some pot and a pain pill once a day. I am not exactly a pot person. I’m taking very little (eatables) of it, mainly because it scares me. I took too much of it some years ago and nearly went insane.

When I was younger, I could smoke a ton of pot, but it was a lot different then. Different time. Different weed.

Anyway, you’d think weed would help with the art, but I guess not. Maybe it would if I wasn’t in so much pain. Maybe it would if it was lined with LSD.

Soon, I’ll be doing a new Artist to Artist interview with another friend of mine, Melanie Daniel. We used to show at Shulamit Gallery when it was located in Venice, CA.

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