Hate Be Gone!

I’ve been trying to get the hang of Instagram lately. You’d think I’d already know how to do that stuff, but I never learned. 

I keep asking myself how so many people seem to have it aced. They make it look easy, but if you’re like me and you don’t know how to create stories/animations in the format specifically for Instagram, it’s not so simple. I think you have to be a kid or something. Or just brighter.

Anyway, I figured how to make my first story and posted it the other day, but I think it’s pretty cheese-ball. I also posted the short movie I made with Jonathan Nesmith and Susan HollowayUp to Now, and it seemed to get more views than when I initially promoted it in 2015. I liked getting all the positive feedback. It also reminded me of how far I’ve come mentally.

On the surgery healing front, I finally see progress. I’m coming up on week three, and I can compare it to the first week and a half. Things are definitely getting better. The pain is lessening.

But something much more profound than that–something I recently realized–I don’t hate myself anymore. I’ve been in therapy for decades, and I am amazed that I can finally say that. I’m surprised that I can say it with confidence. I’m a bit blown away that it’s true. And it is.

What’s funny is that I haven’t told my therapist yet. I plan to tell her tomorrow, and I think the statement will floor her. She might think she hasn’t been helping me as much as she has.

4 thoughts on “Hate Be Gone!

  1. Hannah April 12, 2021 / 4:59 pm

    You are beautiful. 🙂

    • Carol Es April 13, 2021 / 7:26 am

      Stop talking about YOURSELF! 🙂

    • Carol Es April 17, 2021 / 7:56 am

      Thank you Linda!!!! 🙂

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