Summer Lovin’ (happened so fast)

I guess I should announce this sooner than later. I’m going to give up my studio come August. To a few, this isn’t a shock, but maybe it sounds very sad. Maybe it sounds like a giant demotion. before I got my studio, all I did was complain about not having one and how much I missed Angels Gate. Missing Angels Gate will never go away because there is just no other place on Earth like it. I am not giving up my current studio because it’s not like Angels Gate. I never expected it to be. I’m not giving it up because I hate it. I like it very much. I don’t even know if I’m about to disclose my reasons here or not, but I’m leaving it to artist Stephanie Mercado.

So where am I going to be working from now on? At home. Work has started on my garage to make it a little more bearable, plus there is a room in the house for small stuff. It’s quiet here, private and I will boast a little about my pretty little garden: it’s pretty. My favorite thing about working at home: privacy. I know there’s a whole “thing” attached to the professional side to being an artist where you bring in visitors and do studio visits. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot a bit by taking this out of the equation, but I’ve learned a little bit about myself, or rather, finally accepted something about myself. I don’t like having visitors in my work space so much. Occasionally, depending on the person, depending on the objective, yes, it’s okay. Open Studios, etc.: not my cup of tea.

Not to sound like some kind of snobby prima donna, but art making has become a sacred ritual for me, and so is the space I make it in. Letting people in is like letting someone prance all over my underwear or look in my bathroom cabinets. I can do my best to make sure my gallery has more work on hand and try to get more people to my exhibits if they want to see the work in person. That’s about all I can do.

This blog is a nice way to show little peeps of things I’m working on, I don’t mind that so much. It’s kinda fun and I like to stay behind the scenes. You don’t get to see how fat I’m getting or hear my cartoony voice. Here’s a painting I’ve worked on last week. I’m waiting for it to dry so I can do the embroidery. It’s called Danarama and it’s 30 x 30 inches, oil on linen.


3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ (happened so fast)

  1. Robin June 7, 2010 / 9:58 pm

    sounds like a good decision…
    i’ve always had a home stdio and completely understand your reasons …

  2. Kel in NC June 8, 2010 / 6:42 pm

    Personally ,I think its a fantastic idea.Its technically outside the house and you have the comfort of privacy.I bet your output and ideas,etc. will increase.Are you gonna auction off the figure above the door?

  3. marshall June 9, 2010 / 5:02 pm

    We’d love to have you back at Angels Gate!

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