The Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!


I’ve done it! I have finally launched, my long-awaited Kickstarter campaign:

An Exodus in Joshua Tree – and – it is what it is.

It is not the greatest video on Earth, and in fact, it’s pretty crappy, but, I had a LOT of problems, like not being able to use my good camera (it’s broken), and just a whole bunch of other roadblocks in general, PLUS the fact that I don’t know how to make videos! I’m also obviously not a very good public speaker. It was really hard to put myself out there and you can hear every little vulnerability in my voice. I hate that I am so easily read sometimes. But… it is what it is.

Well, maybe now that it’s out there, everything I’ve been going on about will make a little more sense? I was going to have a bigger lead-up to this, like make it more like a story that would keep everyone on the edge of their seats, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to get this thing launched already. It’s not like I am submitting something for the Oscars, it’s just something to make people understand what my idea for this exhibition is. I hope I at least did that  successfully.

PLEASE, pass it around. Fingers crossed. We’ll see what happens.


One thought on “The Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!

  1. susan ritter March 13, 2014 / 9:17 am

    wow. this is sooo kizmit. i just stayed in jt for 7 days and was in awe the whole time. i too was inspired to draw all the nature, but kept getting overwhelmed by its beauty and simple existence.

    it was my first venture out there and i loved it! i feel like you and i have some similar trajectory since we met in the early days of the internet—so glad to be part of your path.

    one last thing—my friend who lives out there and in LA is an artist with a giant studio out there, and she told me about several artist residency programs out there. there is even a buddhist (i know, not the same religion you are studying) monastery out there that has places for artists to stay. email me if you want more info.

    so glad to see you doing this! good luck with the campaign!!

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