Up To Now Video – Now on YouTube!

At long last, the YouTube version of Up To Now is here! It is on Vimeo as well. Either way you slice it, it is now available to view. But it is the low resolution version you will see (for free), so bear in mind that it is not the Hi-def HD version that I am selling as a very special edition flash drive that you are more than welcome to buy for $45 on my site.


This edition is limited to 40 only and there are 10 Artist’s Proofs that come with a little watercolor inside:


It’s a painting of “Yuddy,” one of the characters from the movie. Yuddy represents a spiritual explorer in the story. He is a giraffe-like thing with a head like a yud, which is a Hebrew letter that represents The Infinite Point. I learned that studying Kabbalah.

The A/Ps (Artist’s Proofs) sell for $75. You will see that option on the site when you go to buy either type on the edition.

And note: the version on the edition does NOT play inside of a television frame, so it is not cut off at the edges like it is on the YouTube video. The editioned version will take up the entirety of your computer or TV screen. It’s in 1440 x 1080 HD format and is crystal clear in both picture and sound.

I hope this is all understandable.

Jonathan Nesmith, Susan Holloway and I all worked very hard on this and we are very happy with the results, so we really hope you enjoy our movie. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think! We would be very interested in hearing your comments, which you can leave here on my blog.

As soon as I get some of my other recent news compiled, I will be (re)announcing this and other exciting news in my upcoming summer newsletter. Sorry for the delay on that.

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