The second leg of my blog tour has started up this week and I’m a little behind on getting the news out on that, so oopsy and sorry, but I did post some recent news on Monday. That’s something, right? I just haven’t promoted it until now.

Yesterday, an exclusive interview was published on Readeropolis and today there is another one on The Writer’s Life. They were both fun and even I think they’re interesting. Not to say I think I’m so interesting, but the questions were good on both and I enjoyed answering them.

Monday, I also got the news that I’m definitely making a piece for the LA Metro–a proposal piece. This only means I’m one of many other artists being commissioned to create a work for a neighborhood (in my case: Downtown Burbank) that may or may not be selected to be reproduced for the Through the Eyes of Artists posters that are installed on buses and train routes. It’s due in June and I wouldn’t find out if the work was selected until sometime during the summer. If selected, I’d also be paid four times more than what they’re paying me for the proposal piece, and best of all, I’d have my artwork (hopefully) connecting with commuters.

Later this week I’m going to be riding the buses and trains over that way and take lots of reference pictures and whatnot. I haven’t taken public transit in a long time, I’ll admit. I’ve spent a good deal of time there however, as my brother has lived above DT Burbank for many years. Over the last 35 years, Burbank has been through so much change, I don’t even know where to begin. I’d have to look up the history timeline, but what was once the gateway to Hollywood with Warner Bros. and the other production studios, has now become a mini-metropolis. It seems like after Ikea plopped down about a decade ago, everything quickly expanded from there, yet it’s still peppered with Deco and 1950s architecture.

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