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Sorry to be scarce. I’ve a lot of personal stuff going on lately. However, My show, Memoir at Craig Krull Gallery is doing very well and is still up until this Saturday.

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback and some good sales–though, no reviews as of yet. I can’t complain however, since I’ve gained really supportive collectors. I’m happy for it. And if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m very pleased with how the show looks.

The 2nd leg of the blog tour for my book, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley is half-way done too. It commences at the end of the month and I’ve been featured on oodles of blogs so far, many of which have published interviews. Just in this last week alone, there have been four different interviews with Dark Phantom Reviews, Literally Speaking, Blogging Authors, and T’s Stuff

I’ve been busy working (of course) on a few different things. It looks like I won’t be getting to that break until mid-July. But oh what a break it will be. It won’t be a “break” as so much as a major slow-down. I mean, I will definitely be taking some time off, but not a huge amount. When I get back in the swing, the “swing” will be significantly mellowed out. Nothing booked right now, nor do I plan to say yes to any shows unless some unforeseen circumstances force me to. I feel I need to focus on my health right now.

In the meantime, I’m chipping away on the commission proposal for the LA Metro. I have to do a progress report check-in this week to show them how I’m doing and where I’m going with the concept. This is a little less than the mid-way point, as it’s due on June 15th. There will be sorta/kinda time to make changes if I’m not going in the right direction, so I haven’t exactly put paint to panel yet. I have it all worked out on paper and Photoshop. I plan to create it on a birch panel with fabric and paper collage with paint, but it only just occurred to me (yesterday) that I can’t use oils. I sealed the panel so that I could allow for that, but oops. Oils wouldn’t be prudent since it would have to be dry in a few weeks time. That’s a no-go. The panel needed sealing anyway, I just could have used a different/faster sealer.

Along with that, I finished a little drawing, also a commission, that I need to take to Jeff Kies (my framer) in Glendale today. It’s a bit similar to another Journal drawing that is in the show, but was already sold. I couldn’t make a duplicate of course, because someone already purchased something original. It wouldn’t have been fair to that collector, so the person paying for this commission has to be okay with what they are getting, and I sure hope they like it! Here’s hoping with fingers crossed. I’d show the drawing, but the new collector hasn’t seen it yet. Don’t want to spoil it.

The other two things I’ve been working on I’ve mentioned before. They are written pieces. One is a short story that I’ve revamped about a thousand times. Now it’s morphed into I don’t know–a totally different story about a young girl with no name escaping her family after their dog dies. That’s about all I’ll say. The other seems to be about gender identity and is longer, but I’ve been working on the dog one more lately than the latter.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

Oh, anyone interested in buying my mid century walnut Drexler desk designed by Barney Flagg? This is not the actual image because mine has a little wear and tear on the surface–nothing major though. Everything is original, even the drawer pulls are the original wood. It wouldn’t really even need any restoration, just a clean-up. Surface has very minor scratches, no hard nicks or anything. I’ll take detail pics for anyone interested. It’s just got all my stuff on it right now.

Here it is with all my junk on it:

The far left drawer is for hanging files. Very helpful. All the draws are super easy-slidey, except the front long drawer wasn’t designed to slide the same for whatever reason. It’s not bad, it’s just not smooth like the others. The whole design is innovative, including the way the leaf pulls out. I used to have a very heavy scanner on it (not anymore). It held the weight okay, but I didn’t like the look of how the table plain bent (pictured). Now there’s a printer there and it straight.

I want a mere $500.

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