Outlander: Long Way to Go

I’m progressing on my new Artist’s book, Outlander, but I still have a long ways to go. I thought I’d share what else needs to be done, as I’ve been following a list.

Following the list has been making things much less overwhelming for sure. While I’ve accomplished a lot, I still have a shitload of tasks:

  • Finish the prototype
  • Print the linocut prints
  • Spraypaint the cigar boxes
  • Label the boxes
  • Embroider the covers
  • Reprint two pages*
  • Paint the watercolors
  • Finish last ink drawing
  • Draw “Hiker’s Items” pages
  • Draw flowers on the fly pages
  • Paint footsteps in the centerfold
  • Handwrite story
  • Handwrite Paul Klee quote
  • Handwrite titles of paintings
  • Rubber stamp short poem
  • Sketch the big fold-out map template
  • Paint the fold-out maps
  • Fold and glue in the maps
  • Fold book pages
  • Trim to size
  • Bind the books
  • Final trim

*These are the pages I messed up last week. (I’m waiting for that paper to arrive in the mail.) Then I’ll have to cut it to size and reprint the sheet. That sheet has an altered map that flows across both sides. The flip side is a sentence about taking a walk opposite a short poem made in rubber stamping. I have to redo the whole thing.

Okay, so here’s a look at a couple more pages. This one is an ink sketch on Arches, and I am on the fifth one now. Pretty easy peasy. Though, it’s on a cold press Arches that I’m not fond of because it doesn’t take well to the Micropen, but it is what it is. This is the watercolor paper. I may or may not do something else to it. I’m still thinking:

And here’s the template for the “Hiker’s items” page. It will be a pencil drawing on Rives BKF on the back of one of the linoblock prints. 

These are the light sketches for the two watercolors. They are already on all five books and only need painting.

And this drawing is to be interpreted as a maze, or a spiral, whichever way you want to see it.

The above will have a Paul Klee quote next to it:

Perhaps that quote makes the swirly drawing make more sense. Or maybe not, I don’t know, but that’s how it’s laid out. I’m handwriting this in all five books, but am looking for an ink pen that will take better to the porous watercolor paper.

I’d love to get all the drawing and handwriting done at once, but I really have to print the linocuts before doing the last of those. I don’t want to waste my efforts drawing those hiker’s items and then get a crooked or bad print on the backside of the paper. It would have sucked if I didn’t think of that. I’ve already made too many mistakes.

I’ll probably start the painting pretty soon. I just have to do a little more drawing today, then set up all my watercolors again.

3 thoughts on “Outlander: Long Way to Go

  1. Kate August 11, 2021 / 1:30 pm

    This is magnificently amazing ~ I so wish I had some money to buy one. You are just working in such an inspired and rapid way ~ creating and creating and creating as if driven by some really strong motive. You’ve been through life changing stuff recently ~ it’s like you’ve been re-born, re-created….. I just love you so much and thank you for your art. Really helps me, gives me a reason to keep going…. Love you ever so much, Kate xxx

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