STUFF! Not Much Time

Hi there. Sorry I only have but a minute to add the third posting of my ongoing STUFF! project. (Yesterday was the second entry.) Taking the photos is what’s holding me up because I have about a zillion things to do…

I at least have a pic of this little easel. It is little and not the sturdiest thing on earth, but it’s not so bad either. The first easel I ever bought makes this one look like Picasso’s most treasured studio easel money could buy. It’s really pretty good for a beginner. What I like about it is the up and down mechanism. I know they might have fancier ones these days, but this one is the simplest. It locks in place without needing any time to fiddle with it. You pull a little lever out and it snaps back in. I can’t use it. I don’t have the ceiling height for the mast. Give me 25 bucks and you can have it. Just get it out of here.

Tomorrow I will for sure have a pic of my Sony TRV900. This might not be the new HD style DV cam of the 21st century, but it was a pretty big deal in its day and it still has its charm to (us) quirky film makers. Mine is cosmetically beat up, and I pretty much bought it that way in fantastic working condition so I wouldn’t have to pay the high price. I had it fully serviced in 2015 too. I still have to figure out a price for it.

And I also said I have to figure out a price for the canvases I have. I can tell you what I have available though.

My regular canvases were made by Craig Stratton of Beagle Easel. They are 12 stitch heavy cotton duct imported from India and already primed with acrylic gesso. They are all 2 inches thick, museum quality. They are all a bit dirty, but I have:

One 34 x 34 inches,
One 36 x 36 inches, but this one has some light sketching—in purple oil pencil, so it will need a coat (or two) of gesso.
One 24 x 24 inches,
One 20 x 20 inches and
Two 40 x 60 inches.

I also have
One 18 x 24 inches Linen canvas,
Two 12 x 18 inches and one 12 x 12 inches raw canvas, and a few birch panels.

I sealed these panels myself, so all the hard work is completed. (There are 5-6 coats.) They are ready to apply acrylic Or oil paint to them. They are sealed on the back also. Some people don’t realize that you have to do that or oil paint will seep through to the back over time.

I have two 20 x 20 inch panels and one 24 x 30 inches.

I’d love it if someone just made me an offer for all of them, but I will start thinking about what prices would be good bargains and break them up.

Okay, see you tomorrow.

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