I managed to get a tiny bit more done on the watercolor I’ve been working on, but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been busy with various organizational tasks, physical therapy, doctor appointments, financial crap, and even more prepping for the weekends—battening down the hatches because of wind.

But that’s not all, I’ve been trying to keep up with Creative Spark, the online art forum I’ve been running for the past year or so that’s recently received a huge influx of new members since the WetCanvas forum has announced its closing at the end of this year. I’m up to my eyeballs in moderating the forum and doing administrative tasks, as is Hannah.

We’ve been super lucky in that we got some fantastic volunteers to help moderate. I don’t know how that happened to fall into my lap. Dumb luck! I don’t know what I’d do without them, especially over these Open Studio Art Tour weekends this month.

The forum is doing well so far. It’s been busy with new members, new artwork, and ideas. No real trolls or infighting to report, thank goodness. We’ve been keeping the spam out too, so it’s all good.

But this igloo watercolor piece is hardly getting touched and I’m starting to get antsy about it. I already want to start something else, like an oil painting.

Here’s where it was last week:

And here’s where it is as of yesterday:

I don’t know. I guess it’s moving along. It’s just been slow.

I suppose I can think of a title for it while I’m sitting around waiting for people to show up today—between playing crosswords with Hannah. That’s our new pastime.

I have a number of blank canvases and panels to do either some oils or mixed media pieces on. I’m wanting to start something else sooner than later, but I’m not honed in on what exactly. I have been thinking about using my fingers! It would be unprecedented for me to do that because I absolutely hate getting paint on my hands. I also don’t know how toxic that would be, so I may use gloves? I’m not sure yet, but I’ve been staring at an older painting that hangs in front of my desk, Turtle House:

The messiness of this has been dictating my desire for my next oil painting.

Hmm. I just now realized that both of these pieces have satellites in them. Interesting.

Anyhow, I better jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

I am a bit worried about the wind, especially for Sunday, as the forecast predicts it to be pretty breezy like it was last Sunday, which was more than a little awful. Books blew back and forth, papers flew, signs fell, leaning paintings toppled over. It was a fucking drag. If it happens again, I’m not sure about keeping the place open. It’s supposed to get worse towards Sunday afternoon, but we shall see. Wish me luck.

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