Must Have Cookies

Here we are again at the dawn (not even) of a new day, and getting ready for the last days of the Art Tours. If it’s going to be anything like last week, we’re in for a long, draw-out weekend because it was some slim pickings.

It’s been a little frustrating hearing about all the other artist’s visitors on the tour. A couple of people who came last week actually came “by mistake” because they weren’t paying attention to the catalog, so they didn’t know about the misprints. Otherwise, I didn’t get many more visitors, if any. The weekend before, a few people came because they saw my signs. And they didn’t even know the Tours were happening.

But this is the weekend the catalog says I’m here, so maybe this will be my time to shine. Who knows. If not, I can’t blame anyone or anything. Maybe it’s my location on the map…except that I’m not on the map in the catalog either! This has been my whole fucking life lately. Grrrr.

I think I’ll be glad to be done with this month and get things back to normal again. It will be a relief. Then I won’t be mad anymore about not being able to express my feelings. I haven’t complained about any of this stuff nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. You know how I love to complain. I’m just not allowed to.

At least I finished my large watercolor yesterday. I’m feeling pretty good about it too. I decided to title it, Cool-ass Crib and I put it up on my website now.

Cool-ass Crib, 2021. Watercolor on Arches, 23 x 30 inches.

I’m saving it for my solo show next year. Don’t really want to sell it until then. Did I mention that I’ve also decided on a title for that too? I’m calling it This Land. I haven’t nailed down all the details as far as all the concepts behind it, but I will. I have to do a bunch of writing in order to get there. I also need to make some decisions about what else I’m making—if I’m doing something more besides paintings and drawings, or? Maybe a small drawing installation type-thing.

There are two special people who I know for sure will be paying me a visit today. One is Debbie McAfee who I’ll be showing with at Craig Krull Gallery next year. I am so looking forward to meeting her for the first time. I absolutely love her work. She also lives in the desert, but not in my immediate vicinity. She lives a couple of hours north of here in Piñon Hills.

Another far-away driver who’s coming is my special friend Mark who I know from my old synagogue in Highland Park. He was my Hebrew teacher and also a giant inspiration in the making of Up to Now. He was the one who gave me the “junk” items which was the premise for the story. He found them out in Death Valley while on his own exodus of sorts.

Mark is coming to visit mainly so we can talk about a possible exhibition at Temple Beth Isreal for its 100th year anniversary. I’d be absolutely honored to show my work there. I really miss being a part of the community, and it would be so nice to celebrate with everyone in this way.

So, if anything else, it will be a good day today because I have this to look forward to. In the meantime, the sun isn’t even out yet, but I must start my day: take my shower, do a forum check-in, Instagram, email, and the rest. We should probably put the signs out there by 8:30. And gotta put those cookies out too. Must have cookies ya know!

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