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As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve decided to declutter a bunch of my stuff, including parts of my art collection by other artists. I’m not selling these things. I’m gifting them. 

Looking through my storage this morning, I realized that much of the art I’d like to give away is wrapped. I don’t have the greatest pictures of a lot of the pieces. Unwrapping them to shoot new pictures of them is a giant pain in the ass. 

I suppose I can shoot the ones I don’t have any pictures of at all, but I think people will have to settle on most of the images I have. You’ll have to trust me that all the art is far better in person. And it’s free remember.

The first piece, by Anne Grgich, was scanned, so I have great pictures of the front and back. Anne Grgich is an outsider artist of some notoriety. Here is her website. She has exhibited all over the world and is in countless museum and private collections. 

This piece is called Bucoda from 2002. It’s acrylic, ink, wax, varnish, collage, and glue on paper, 11 x 8.5 inches. It’s heavy(ish) and unframed.

This other piece is a larger painting on canvas by designer/artist Rob Abeyta Jr. called Melrose & Normandie. It’s oil, gouache, and graphite on canvas, 36 x 36 inches. The canvas is 3/4 inches thick on the stretchers. I don’t remember what year it is, but it’s circa 2002. I think he signed the year on the back. 

Here is some background information on Rob.

Sorry it’s not a great image of this painting, but it’s beautiful, and since it’s larger, the shipping will be semi-expensive. I would just take it to UPS and have them deal with it. I’m thinking around $100, uninsured ($500), Ground. 

To give you an idea, I recently shipped a 24 x 30-inch painting on a panel of my own–much heavier–to San Francisco and insured it for $4000. UPS took care of it, but I’d wrapped it in double bubble wrap. It was $130 for 2-day Air. 

Now, depending on who you are (no offense), you are welcome to drive out to Joshua Tree to pick up the work. It’s about two hours east of Los Angeles. An extra half hour-hour, depending on where you live. I used to live near Pasadena/Downtown, so it was only two hours. 

I have privacy issues about giving out my address. Again, no offense, but I have to know and trust you. And since there’s a pandemic, we’d be meeting on my porch six feet apart. That’s a lot of prerequisite for picking up art, but I do live near one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.

So, if you want some of this free art (I’ll be posting more as I clear things out), please tell me what you like about it and claim it for your own collection. First come, first served, and all that. Just email me. You can click on the email address or use the form, both should work. 

If no one wants free art, I will stop posting the pieces here, taking pictures, scanning, etc. It’s still work on my part just to give this stuff away. 

All I ask is that you enjoy it, pay for the shipping costs, and have patience with me in getting it to you. 

Someone asked me if I was going to be giving away any of my own work. The answer is: not right now. I’ve been working on donating some of my older paintings to hospitals; otherwise, I’m not in the market of giving my art away for free. For now, it all has a place here. 

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