A Week Away

So there’s only one week left before the open studio event. Am I ready? Well, I think so, but unfortunately, I’m pretty much left to my own devices to promote it due to misprints in the organization’s official catalog. Waaa.

My listing doesn’t have the correct directions to my house, nor does it list the right weekends I’m participating. I will be open all three weekends of the event, but the catalog says I am only going to be here on the last weekend. I was told this will soon be fixed in the downloadable PDF version, but for now, it remains incorrect. So here I sit. There’s nothing I can do about it, except traffic people to this web page I made. Please make a note of this.

Hopefully, people will use the app, which is going to be available “soon.” My information is supposed to be accurate in the upcoming app. It seems the app will be a very useful tool for people to navigate the event. What will these kids think of next?

We will also have signs out there on the far corners of my block and down the street. Hopefully, when people are visiting the other artists on the street next to mine during the other weekends, they will see my signs and come to my place too. I’m hoping that will work.

Artist Wini Brewer said she would give her people recommendations to come her as well, which is very nice of her.

Palm Springs Life recently put out a great little article about the event, so that’s pretty cool. Wini’s art is actually featured in it, so check it out.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing the garage while working on that larger watercolor with the igloo in it. It’s been slow-going because I haven’t had all that much time for it, but here’s a shot of how much I have done so far:

I started physical therapy today for my shoulders. I’m finally allowed to put my arms above my head since my surgery. It actually hurts when I do that, so I’ve been reluctant to do it. My range of motion sucks, but I am going to start with going two times a weeks for the next seven weeks and see how I do. I really like my physical therapist.

I also sold another copy of Outlander. Since placing them with my old book dealers, Vamp & Tramp, they were able to sell one to the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in Washington. Now there are three left, two here and one with Vamp & Tramp. I’m happy with how they are selling–so far so good.

Vamp & Tramp also made this cool little video on tiktok, which I’m thrilled about. You can really see what the book is all about, better than in pictures alone.

I forgot to mention that I’ve also been super busy with the art forum I run, Creative Spark. I started it a while back after another forum I belonged to went through a software change and no one really liked the new interface. Well, that forum just announced that they will be closing around the end of the year, so I’ve had an influx of new members. I’m still looking for more volunteer moderators to help me with the workload, as I’ve had to add a lot more forum categories for all the new artists. That’s been keeping my early mornings busy as well.

It would be nice to have other artists join Creative Spark, but for now, it seems to be mostly the artists from the old forum, many of which are traditional artists. I would like a few more contemporary/abstract artists to join however. Getting some more variety would be good.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that tomorrow night is the kick-off party/group show art reception at Joshua Tree Art Gallery. It goes from 6-8 PM. 61607 29 Palms Hwy, Joshua Tree, CA.

That’s it for now.

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