Getting Somewhere

I’m happy to say that I think I’m getting somewhere with prepping the garage space for the open studio event. Maybe it’s looking a little better than I thought it would. Not thrilling, but better…

I was also able to sell the first of the five Outlander books just as I finished taking the preliminary photos of it. I got another one out to Vamp & Tramp too, so I have three left.

Wednesday, I put out my newsletter and already have a couple of inquiries, so we’ll see how it all goes. I’m surprised this book is already doing so well.

As for the garage, I know it’s not been so exciting for me to post pictures of the progress, but it’s been hard work getting it all contained. Here’s how it’s starting to look as of yesterday–the side that will be blocked off to access but still be within view. Now it’s at least organized:

And here’s how the art side is starting to come together. I have a ways to go yet, but I’m hanging the art on the shelves:

I think it will turn out okay once I finish hanging the art, bring in the other easel, and set up the tables.

I don’t know why I haven’t brought in my bigger easel yet. I guess I thought I was going to start on an oil painting in my studio before the event. Kinda dumb if I was going to bring the easel into the garage a week later (after starting a painting). I’ll bring it in this weekend. I can always place a canvas on the wall and paint like that–which I’ve actually never done.

In the meantime, I’ve set up my table to start working on a new large watercolor that I sketched out before my surgery.

This is the basic sketch anyway, I’ve turned that tree into a Joshua already. It’s all very light on the paper, so you wouldn’t really be able to see it if I showed you a picture of the real McCoy.

I found out who the third artist is in the September 2022 show is. Her name is Debbie McAfee and she will be showing Joshua Tree quilts. They are amazing. I love them!

Reconstruction, Debbie McAffe
26” x 26” comprised of 9 separate pieces
Fabric & Thread on Canvas.

I think she, along with me and Kelly Berg will exhibit a great show together, bringing the high desert to Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica.

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