Art & Hannah

Since the last time I posted, things have been better regarding the Dan book, which is such a relief. The only reason I’ve been able to move on is because Hannah came through for me. She cut all the “dies” by hand with an Xacto.

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DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) And The Aftermath: Part II

Read Part I

The next morning was Saturday, the day of my opening at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica. Hannah and I got on the road from Joshua Tree at 10:30 AM and headed for LA.

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DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) And The Aftermath in 3 Parts

This is Part I.

Well, I’m sure all four of you are wondering how the opening of my show went. I suppose I should start at the beginning when I went to install it on the 7th.

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Lofty Goals

Since finishing the second to last painting for the show, I’ve thrown myself into writing applications for various artist residencies around the country. I’d decided to do this last week after a week of Noom lessons about goals.

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Words and Art and Thoughts and Stuff

The other day I got a really great review posted on Amazon from writer Peter Clothier. I was going to quote some parts of it, which I will for promotion sake, but for the love of god and the sake of my blog, I had to post it here in full:

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